When a car donation is a lemon

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When a car donation is a lemon

You’ll find that there are many times where the donation will go sour and then no one truly benefits. You’ll want to keep in mind that the charity or organization will take all of your information and they will handle all the paper work too. The organization will have to arrange the time for a pick up, but you’ll also find that they will arrange the car to be auctioned off too.

You’ll want to keep in mind that the car that you donate needs to be released from your ownership. You’ll find that the donation will take the car off your hands, but you’ll also be able to ask for a tax deduction during the paper work.

When it comes to some charities they are very good at getting the most money for the donations, but then some will take whatever they can. You’ll find that there are some charities that have their own broker to deal with the auctions because they take so many car donations in order to help fund their cause. These brokers will do all the work on behalf of the charities.

Then there are times where people will donate their car and then they will end up getting a very bad situation out of it all. You’ll want to keep in mind that there are times where you end up getting a lemon for the deal. Sometimes the car is towed away before it is sold because it was illegally parked. You will find that the DMV will come back on you, because if it hasn’t been sold yet, it still maybe in your name. All you can do is wish that things work out well for you. All you can do is keep the receipt of your donation and the charity’s number, because they will take care of all and any fines. This doesn’t happen to often, but there is some risks with everything.

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